Well I was new to CreepyPasta but I know the famous ones like my top ten

#10 Zalgo

I haven't read the story yet but I know the concept he will melt your faces and lol that's it

  1. 9 slender man

He gave me nightmares for 2 weeks but he is not scary anymore he will teleport so watch out

  1. 8 Tails doll

If you play the games with tails doll back words with super sonic he will pop out your tv and kill you

  1. 7 Sonic.EXE

This is one of those hacked games yet will kill you like tails doll

  1. 6 The Rake

He is the rake a bald like human with sharp claws killing people

  1. 5 B.O.B.

Yet I haven't read the story but meh pretty cool huh

  1. 4 BEN drowned

I haven't finished the story but it's just a hacked game

  1. 3 Tici Toby

He is one of the slender proxy students and with a hatchet kills you

  1. 2 smile dog

He is a dog that is demonic and if you spread the word you will die

  1. 1 Jeff the killer

He is just so scary just read the story please

Jeff the killer wallpaper by xtremali123-d79fkgc

Jeff the killer