• ShadowLynx501

    Now, I'm in love with a game called Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's for the Dreamcast and Gamecube(and possibly other systems). I got the game a few weeks ago, already beat all three stories and have 20 Chao. I love the Chao gardens. I recently got my hands on another one. A lady was selling it. I walked up to the stand. I picked up the case it was in and showed it to her. She took it and held it close to her face, squinting. When she realized what it was she rushed it back at me, her face pale, the case was shaking and it hit me in the stomach when she rushed it at me. "T...take it!!!" She said in a scared voice. I just thanked her kindly and went back home. I immediately took it out and examined it. It had no…

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