• ShadowHanger

    Shi no rōrupurei

    July 21, 2013 by ShadowHanger

    a normal dark night inside a house of a teenager with the teenager on his computer listening to some death metal. as of every night he spends times in chats doing roleplays or what he called "rp." but one night he was in a chat called "Shi no rōrupurei" he did not know what it had meant, he was in the chat with only one other person the other person did not say anything in the chat... when he was just about to exit the chat a message popped up in it from the other person he looked at the message as it said "prepare yourself." he starred at the message closely confused but after two minutes he replied back in the chat saying "prepare for what?"  but when he replied the person already left the chat. he sat in his chair still confused then he…

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