• ShadowBlade0113


    December 6, 2013 by ShadowBlade0113

    I could probably pick any portion of my pathetic existence to start with, but I think I will begin with when I met him, when my life changed for the first time...

    September, 1993 It was warm for September. Our new neighbors had finally moved in and we knew virtually nothing about them. My mom requested I go with her to meet them, to which I declined. So she grounded me for the week. No friends, no computer, no gaming. Which is how I came to be standing there, on the doorstep of the white house with blue shutters. I will never forget those shutters.

    My mother was standing aside me as she knocked on the door. *rap rap rap* And we waited for an answer. After a few minutes, my mother reached out to knock again when we could hear the sound of theā€¦

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