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Wiki Rules and Invalid Deletion

Seyhuan March 2, 2014 User blog:Seyhuan

Dear Moderators, 

I get that you all are in love with sarcasm and whatnot, but I’m not really into that.  Expect most of this message to be very literal and straightforward.  I apologize if this is too direct for you to handle.

When I first joined the website, I was fairly excited.  I thought I would be able to share the creepypasta I had worked so hard.  No such luck existed.  I copied and pasted my creepypasta into the posting box and submitted it.  Little did I know that my paragraphs had been smashed together by the copy/paste tool.  Yeah, maybe I should have been a little bit more careful, but that does not justify what happened next.  I linked my new thread in chat, and it was deleted instantaneously, despite the fact that it clearly said in the rules that any wall of text would be deleted in 2-3 days, which is not equivalent to five seconds.

So I took note of the reason why it was deleted and I adjusted my thread accordingly.  That is, I copied and pasted my thread again, this time making sure to re-implement the ‘Enter’ keys previously deleted.  When I posted this again, it got deleted almost instantaneously a second time. 

The admin who had deleted it stated that reuploading was against the rules.    Excuse me, sir; against what rules?  Who made these rules and why aren’t they in the Rules Hub?  Am I supposed to search the whole site just to try and find obscure, potential rules just because you weren’t able to organize the rules properly?  He also said that a new rule was in place that gave the moderators the right to delete a wall of text instantaneously.  If that is so, why didn’t you delete the original rule?  All that does is cause confusion.

You sarcastically tell me you’re sorry that I didn’t know the rules.  Get this sarcasm:  I’m real sorry you can’t organize the rules.

Please visit  this site in the rules.

Thanks, Seyhuan

Edit:  Thanks for updating the rules a bit.  I appreciate it.

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