Hello everyone, just thought I'd formally introduce myself via the wonderful medium of a blog post. I'm not technically "new" around here- my account's been around for a couple of months now and I'd been lurking for nearly a year before that- but I've only recently started contributing so I figured I might as well take a moment to just say hi.

I've already posted two pastas, The Sanctuary's Mortuary and And So the Rain Continues to Fall, neither of which I consider exceptional but I'd still really appreciate it if you guys would take a couple of minutes to leave comments. My new year's resolution is one complete short story every week. Am I crazy? Quite possibly. We'll see how long this lasts.

Anyway, the other thing I probably ought to mention in this little introduction to me is I am an English major, so I tend to leave fairly long rambling comments on things. I'm sorry if I get a little verbose at times- it's a force of habit I'm trying to break. I also tend to look for things to criticize in a story, no matter how good. I like to think it helps the author get stronger.

That's about all I got. Again, I'm looking forward to being an actual active member of the community. Cheers, everyone. Thanks for reading this. If you didn't that's fine too. We can still be friends.