You know when you see an unfunny and overused memes on the internet when you're looking for entertainment?

That's similar to what I feel when reading 97% of Creepypastas. Jeff the Killer, any pokemon pasta, any Spongebob pasta, especially any MLP pasta.

I'm sick of the typical and often cliche "BLOOD EVERY WHERE! STATIC! LET'S RIP OFF STEPHEN KING AND H.P LOVECRAFT! (OR OTHER PASTA WRITERS!)" BS. I've seen good creepypastas, like Slenderman or Candle Cove, but these are few and far in-between. I want less Jeff the Killer and Squidwards Suicide, and more Abandoned By Disney.

The problem that persists in these pastas? Something I call "trying too hard". Something subtle and creepy is (usually) better then something loud and bombastic.

I may not be saying much, heck I can't write shit. But I just think there's wasted potential here.