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  • I live in the deepest sanctions of society, lurking
  • My occupation is to write, and go file lawsuits with no reason
  • I am not even interested in the concept of gender as neither applies
  • Serene2Silence

    "Let us all ride on this eternal passage of confusion, the Bloodline has not yet been completed." -The Butterfly

    "I will not join in this rite of madness! The Weapons have put you into damnation!" -Marlon Hieldelwing

    "You, the Observer, has been put into this accursed place for your past antics. Reality is not going to tell you why, but let us lead you into the Light." -Corralè Suffodile

    "Catch him! Kill him! Damn him into Hell! He is the cursed one! Never let go of him till' his wrath is all but existent!" -Dorenn Le Vienê as he chases Marlon in his hall

    You've read the lines of the Curse of which has not yet been done. You have yet to see the conclusion of "our" story.

    I'll start with this, shall I go on? Shall I assert my place in this storyl…

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  • Serene2Silence

    From now on, all edits to my pastas must not change any of the major parts, and anyone who fails to comply with this rule will get their edits undoed, no exceptions. (This rule applies to all my pastas, and should the storyline be horrible enough, post it in my talk page and I will edit it myself.)

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  • Serene2Silence

    Oh please, I really am in need of advice. I don't know if I should apply for admin or not.

    Comments will be very helpful.

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  • Serene2Silence

    People can freely edit my stories, only that they will never change the main parts. Also, you can add a photo, only if that is related to the story's subject.

    Hope you people very well. Serene2Silence (talk) 08:51, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

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