aka Seraphina

  • I live in China
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is I'm a high school student.
  • I am A girl, obviously~
  • SeraphinaHatter

    I've only been in the creepypasta fandom for about half a year, and during this time I've been noticing well-known stories getting deleted and disappearing. From what I can see, there was a time when creepypasta was wide-spread and popular with famous ones like Clockwork and Sally all over the internet. But what happened? It's quite difficult to find Sally's origin anywhere now, to say nothing of authors like Clockwork’s creator leaving the circle due to various reasons. I really hope that this state can change. I love creepypasta and hope that the old stories will come back, and people will keep watching out for new ones. :)

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