Hi, guys. I found out about creepypastas about a week ago on Youtube. I guess this channel had began getting popular so it showed up in my suggestion videos section. The channel had some great videos with creepy subject matter. So I watched all the vids and subscribed. That's when I got a bunch of other similar channels suggested to me and came across a 2 hour video of Reddit "true" scary stories. It was a great vid with really creepy stories. So I went searching for more and found many "creepypasta" videos. That led me here.

So I turned one of my short stories into a shorter creepypasta and I hope it came out good. I really like Autopilot and the 2nd & 3rd chapters of Penpal. If my first creepypasta does ok I'll make more. I have a few scary stories and I think it would be fun to turn them into creepypastas, too.

Anyway, thanks for reading.