One of the things I still enjoy doing is criticism. So, I'm leaving this here. Feel free to request a critique of your story, unless it's already on the Writer's Workshop and hasn't been answered yet (since I intend to go over the unanswered WW entries in my spare time). If it has been answered and you want a second opinion, that is fine. If your story is on the main site, feel free to leave a request.

Please note, though. I am not a moddycoddler. I criticize in pretty harsh words. I'm not interested in whether your feelings get hurt or not. If your story is bad, it is bad. That's not me trying out to get you. That's simply the way it is. Your best bet is to take the criticism to heart, but don't take it personally. However, if you don't want me to go all out on you, then it's probably not a good idea to ask.

Simply leave your request on my talk page or in the comments below, and I will get to it whenever I have time.