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Scynder June 15, 2014 User blog:Scynder

Hello everybody, my name is Scynder. This, obviously, is where i officially introduce myself.

So I may or may not write a pasta someday. I would rather just contribute by doing things like checking grammar and spelling. I have visited the site for about 2 years now, and just made this account a few days ago. I enjoy going to the chat for a few hours a day. Met a lot of people there (you're all great btw!).

Some stuff about me I guess. I am pretty lax, I like to draw, and LOVE anime. Anime if love, anime is life.

I was born on the fourteenth of September, I am sixteen years of age, and you don`t need to buy me a present.

Some personal goals of mine irl, and on here. I want to do graphic design for things like video games. I want to learn five or more languages (crazy right!). Finally, I hope to become a mod/admin one day so I can help the place that I grew to love so much.

Well that is my introduction, hope i can be friends with you all!

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