About a week ago, I released a new creepypasta and it was uploaded without being deleted. This means a lot to me, since I'm impressed that I can actually release something decent, while I still consider myself a really average writer. It's my favorite creepypasta made by me so far, and I'm still doing some artwork by paper to upload it as images for the article. It's called Hallucinations of an Artist, and I also have my first creepypasta to be successfully uploaded, but not really my personal choice, A Secret for Nobody.

I'm now planning on making a creepypasta using some elements the song lyrics from U2's "Surrender" and put these elements in the First World War scenary, however not 100% faithful from the facts that happened in the 1stWW. It's going to be my most depressive creepypasta so far.

I will take a break on the internet and overall life by visiting a city for two weeks, and I'll go away pretty soon. I'll try to write the creepypasta and visiting the website when outside my house though.