I think it's been 3 weeks since I joined the wiki, and I have some thoughts and experiences to share about this website. 

I remember the time when I used to surf the internet to check out the uncountable number of stories. When I finally had enough courage to create an account, I noticed that many of the stories I used to read were now gone, and I'm glad this really happened. This is probably the best thing this wiki has ever done.

I remember the first thing I did when I joined was publishing a page that's now deleted since a pretty long time. I used to write about anything that would come from my mind, so from the 3 creepypasta I published, only one passed. I still wonder how, since I don't think it's not a very good story anyways. 

After that, I started creating more complex ones, but the story somehow would become an abysmal story by some way. I would normally get really angry with the negative feedback, however, after starting the current creepypasta I'm doing now(and it's a promising one), I realized how important it was to listen to the others, so I should thank those who helped me noticing the mistakes I done, and now I believe I have a chance of creating a decent CP in the very least.

Now I'll talk about the worst part of this wiki overall. The godamn chat. I normally join the chat to see if the people who are there are talking about anything decent. Normally they don't and sometimes it's just boring or chaotic, so I'm avoiding the chat from now. I know that the chat isstarting to have more control, but it's still not really worth joining. I can't really suggest something, because it seems like there's not really a way to remove some of the issues the chat holds.

Overall, I enjoy staying here, and I hope even more improvements will be done for the next days. 

ScrewYouDinkleberg (talk) 22:27, June 4, 2014 (UTC)