Today is a really special day for me. Even though I'm tired as hell today, I'm really happy to know that now I'm a rollbacker on this wiki!

Leaving that aside, I think I should introduce myself better now, even though some people around here might know me pretty well. I know that I made one of these kind of blogs before, but I'm going to add more details.

So, I suppose I gotta tell you what my name is, because I'm not really Dinkleberg/Dad. My real name is Thiago. Yeah, I'm not European, not 'Murican as well. I'm a guy who lives in the South region of Brazil, and don't really give a shit if you think that's a disadvantage or not.

I'm still going to school, but in about one and a half year, I'm going to take exams to enter an university (public ones as my preference), and study Graphical Design. One of my biggest dreams is to work with video games, and also wonder around on this wiki as long as we can.

You might be thinking now that I'm not really into writing, but I actually am. Even though I've been writing pretty recently only, I enjoy doing this, and I'll keep writing as long as this place exists. I'm not really into horror stuff, but I fell in love with creepypastas since I read Ben Drowned. But don't worry, I'm not into gaming pastas anymore. And even though I like writing and reading pastas, I'm not really into reading real books, especially autobiographies. Argh, these are just boring to read.

I'd be posting some of my work about others things, such as my drawings, but I have a really hard time doing stuff on Inkscape, so I suppose maybe later I will add something. I'd also mention I have a Youtube channel, but it's pretty empty and not worth watching, I think.

Now, moving to musical tastes. I'm pretty bipolar about this. Sometimes, I love listening to cult, artistic artists (i.e Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel), other times more cheesy stuff (i.e Dead or Alive, Ace of Base), and I have eternal love to ABBA. When I listen to a disco song from them, if I'm alone in my house, I can't resist doing my horrible dance moves, and my boring singing.

If you wonder what are my favorite games, that's a pretty tough question. I'm falling in love with Midnight Club (Except for that Emilio bastard.), I enjoy playing the San Francisco Rush games, I love SoulCalibur, and I have eernal love to Phantasy Star Online and Xenoblade Chronicles. However, I don't think I have a game I hate. Maybe GTA Vice City.

I think that's enough information about me. Nice to meet you if you didn't know me, and I'm happy to be a rollbacker on this lovely site.