I don't get it why, but some people love my name for some odd reason. Probably because it's exotic or something, and it's outside the common language used here and in other wikis as well. Some people also ask me how do you pronounce it, so here I am, making this rather stupid blog, explaining this, to have no more further questions about this.

Step 1

The "Thi" part is pronounced like "Tea" or literally, the letter T. The H in Portuguese is mute, and the I sounds like E.

Step 2

the A is pronounced pretty much in the same way you shout "AAAAAHHH!" when someone hurts you, as an example.

Step 3 

The "Go" part explains itself. Do you know when a P.E teacher tells you to run like there's no tomorrow in a random square-sized area, and shouts "GO!"? Yeah, that's pretty much it.

So, in the end, you pronounce my name like this: TEA! AAAHHH!! GO!!!, obviously with all the letters together.

I know, it's weird here, but in my country there are many people that has my name, so it's funny to see that it's not a generic name here.

So, yeah, now you know how to pronounce my name, and now your life is complete. Congrats.