Hi there, I'm a member of this wiki since two weeks ago, and I'd like to present myself here.

I'm a pretty weird person, at least in my opinion. I have pretty uncommon tastes for a nowadays teenager. I normally listen to retro music, and play retro video games. My friends think that it's a pretty ridiculous taste, but they accept me in the way I am, at least.

I'm not a very clever person, most of the times. I normally do silly mistakes, and I normally laugh for no reason at all, or I think random things like a J letter is a funny thing. I'm definitely not the most clever student in my class, and I consider myself the dumbest guy from my group. I really dislike studying, but I study for  knowledge's sake.

I'm planning to take an artistic career. I'm planning to graduate in an university and work as a graphical designer. I'm not an amazing designer, but at least I know how to do some important techniques by paper. I sometimes sing randomly, and I dance, but my dancing skills are so bad that I have a friend who has a video of me dancing. Oh, man, the horror!

I used to be a videogame sucker some years ago. I used to defend every system and games I have, and I'm still considered to be the hater of my group. My favorite game of all time is Xenobalde Chronicles. Nothing beats that game. Period. I also have old consoles, and the Wii is probably the only one I could consider the nowadays console I have.

I'm also retro about music, and I love listening to music. I do this all the time. I'm a huge fan of 80's music, and I also take a chance on older and newer stuff. I like many artists and bands, but my favorites ones so far are ABBA, Dead or Alive, Arctic Monkeys and Kate Bush.

Now, the main question, and probably the most important on here: why do you like creepypastas?

I'm not sure. I really hate horror movies and creepy stuff overall, but there's something about creepypastas that I think it's magical, but I can't explain what is it. Maybe it's because they're short stories that won't use much of the time I have. Or maybe curiosity is what makes me like creepypastas. The unknown is such a fantastic thing to discover.

I don't really enjoy reading most of the times, but when I do I search for good stories, and it's not easy to find one. I'm also writing creepypastas. I need to keep training to make a good CP, but I think I'm starting to get better at this kind of stuff.

I think that's all you need to know about me. See ya.