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Going away for a while

So, quite recently I'm having a really weird problem going on with me. I can't focus on anything important, I keep forgetting simple or important things randomly as well, and this is really worrying me. I was a brand new person at the beggining of this year in real life, and now it seems like I'm back to the same problems I suffered before with many other things, being most of them games.

In the end of the day, I think I'm really addicted on doing stuff on this site. While I love helping the site and the staff, I think this is deeply hurting me as well. While I ignored my problems for a very long time, now I regret not doing the decision of taking a break earlier than now.

I'm planning on blocking myself for two weeks from editing in a few days (probably on Tuesday, since i still want to contribute a bit more before taking a break for real).

I know that at least by the time I'm here, I helped the site quite a lot, so I think taking a break now won't be a big issue. However, if my personal problems don't go away, I might be forced to block myself for a longer time.

I promise that when I come back, I'll keep editing as the usual. Meanwhile, see you all around here.

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