These days, I've been thinking about people who keep doing drama when you give a review about their work. I wonder why can't people understand that with practice, someday you're going to make a decent work and get your pasta published here.

Now that I see all the creepypastas I made, including some that were never released officially or were deleted (if you're curious, you can check out the list by my profile.), I see that what people say are true, when talking about improving. I have two pastas published on the main site now, but before this happens, I had to go trough frustation, sadness and temporary regret. Everyone who tries to write something for real goes trough that.

If you're here to post a mediocre pasta that people will never think it's going to be good, you should never have though on making it first. If you're going to write something bad, cry, but don't complain. Instead, consider improving, and keep trying until you reach the goal of posting decent material. It's clear that being butthurt to someone won't bring you anything good. instead, things will only get worse.

So, pretty much what I'm saying here, is to don't stop believing in your potential. Any human can write or do something good, it's a matter of practice and dedication. This doesn't just count for this website, or writing, this is a fact of life.

You though there was going to have something related to Journey's "Don't stop believing"? You were wrong.