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Do we still need Jeff the Killer?

Alright, there's no need to go wild against me because this is an opinion, so if you're a JtK fan then calm down.

I'm just wondering here, do we really need Jeff the Killer being present on this wiki? I mean, this creepypasta is not a crap bomb, but still nothing too special, especially today. Everyone saw this already, and it seems like this creepypasta keep bringing some trolls or people with no knowledge about what real creepypastas really are, and it just keep bringing unecessary traffic for the wiki. People see many new users with the name (something+ the killer) many times a week, and that's pretty ridiculous.

After the insane popularity, the creepypasta itself is much worse than before, almost like a troll pasta, and people keep looking at it as a creepypasta example. That's pretty abismal if you ask me. This makes me wish even more that it could be somewhere different instead.

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