I'm really sick of looking at some of these annoying messages and thoughs when trying edit articles. They're really stupid and pointless, and it seems like every new user does that every day, unfortunately.

1)Please, don't delete mah story!111!

WTF?!! My pasta might de deleted?! Nooooo, it's a fucking masterpiece, even with the bad formatting and horrible spelling and grammar! I will remove the M4R/Delete Now categories and call the guy who made this an asshole!!!!111!! 

2)Wheeeee, first post evah!

Holy shit guyz, I just published mah first kindergarden's story I evahr made in mah laife! Plz gimme feedback about it, and screw the Writer's Worshop, nobody told me to go there before!

3)Here's my channel, because why not?!

Well, shit, I really need to make more advertisement on my channel that has a video! Lemme put a pointless and broken link in the end of the article!

4)Ah, can't forget to add a header!

Oh, so I already have put the story on the not A SECOND TITLE, including my name?! Woow, great idea!

5)Need to put a category!!!!11

Eh, idk what to put in teh category list. I need to think aboot something! Oh yeah, a shoe! Perfect! *Adds Shoe on the category options*

I mean, seriously guys? Couldn't you think about what to put when reacting to something before giving more work for the staff?

There might be more out there, but these 5 are probably the more common ones.