I know, this blog might be pointless and there's probably no reason to do such thing, but I have the feeling that I should keep writing this.

I think I should apologize for my lack of presence on the overall forums, but especially the Writer's Workshop board. I used to have a more constant and helpful presence there. 

I see now that there's a lot of lost material to be reviewed there. I feel bad for the people waiting for someone to review their work, and I know I have the potencial to make a decent review. I don't know why, but I simply don't have the patience to do this now, and I have the feeling that my comment could make a difference.

I would aso apologize if my edits weren't as helpful as they were supposed to be so far, but I'm trying my best to fix quality work and put bad stories to deletion.

I will keep going, though. See you all around here.