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Hey guys good morning it is currently 9:15 AM my time (whatever time that is) and i have made a creepypasta...sort of its short but i thought it was a good start it's called "Your Not Special". it's a rather depressing story (hopefully) and i was willing to put it on facebook and if you would share it with your friends then they share it and so on that would be epic. anyway today i have more time (AND IM GONNA LEARN HOW TO DRIVE F#$#$% YEAH!) so i will be able to write a better and longer story based on eyeless jack (that's who im gonna be on halloween!).

anyway ill get started while my moms outside XD and hopefully i can get it finished

what im gonna do is do it on microsoft word first then put it on here so i can save it in case i cant finish.

i dont know if i can save my work or not because im still new to this website but hopefully i will figure it out.

well i'll see you guys later im gonna go write a story all while listening to a band called steam powered giraffe PEACE!!


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