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My opinion of the worst pastas ever

10: Rugrats theory/The play ground (the truth behind recess): Both have extremely far-fetched ideas and no evidence to support anything they say.

9: Slender man: Lost all horror when it became more popular it's becoming the Nightmare on elm street of creepypasta.

8: Anything about courage the cowardly dog courage is already creepy at times without creepypasta.

7: Eyeless jack.

6: Happy appy some of these dont need any explanation trust me.

5: Sonic.EXE: character has bloody eyes cliche, Boring ass game, and sonic is not scary EVER.

4: Squidwards suicide

3: John's journal

2: Funnymouth

1: Jeff the killer

Definition of OpinionEdit



noun: opinion; plural noun: opinions

1. a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

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