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August 5, 2011
  • Scotface

    As mentioned in my last post, I struggle to cope with unusual occurences within my life. I'm far too paranoid for my own good and I let my imagination run wild at the most inconvenient moments. Working the night shift in a hotel feeds this fear, unfortunately. I've yet to grow truly comfortable with the job. Well, that's not right, I love the job most of the time but being alone in a hotel with wide, dark corridors and a self-resetting elevator can be tricky at times when you're a self-confessed wuss who believes in 'spirits' and 'ghouls' and all the rest of that nonsense.

    On the ground floor is a large laundry room where the housekeepers keep bedding and supplies for their work in the morning. The laundry room has one of our emergency fire…

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  • Scotface

    Let it be known that I am a massive fearty and forever paranoid thanks to over-indulgence in the macabre side of life. I grew up in urban Scotland but had grandparents who lived in a rural town. They are incredibly aged, whimsical people, the kind you expect to meet on a tourist walk around a castle. My grandparents told stories of ghosts and spirits haunting the land, had a firm belief in things like kelpies and fairies and generally enjoyed creeping me out, along with my sisters and many cousins.

    So I have a natural affinity for panicking at the slightest disturbance in my life. Mostly due to the expectations drawn from hearing so many ghastly tales of wandering phantoms and spirits. If I flush the toilet and the noise sounds slightly dif…

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