As part of a new series I'm doing, I thought I'd do a big what if.

What if I took an event in my life, edited names out, and changed outcomes and my actions? From my mind I wrote a character who is utterly ruined by his friends for his social issues and he loses so much as a result of the loss of his family's reputation. He is utterly destroyed. And to top it all off, his rage boils inside for two years with no release, as his interests, relationships, belongings and emotions are taken away. He wants to die, but he also wants to release his rage on those who wronged him. So he plans out their murders and carries them out.

I wanted his name to reflect his social standing. It is unusual, uncommon, and...damn, I need an adjective starting with u that is a synonym of the two former words. F***.

Anyways, the rest are all named with usual names...not too common, but usual to put them in their place as side characters. Some of them will have personality and change that alters their character, these are things I learned to apply. My writing style switches from first to third person for reasons that will be revealed later.

So this is a long...long story. I am going write several intervals containing several chapters that dwell on the story, and perhaps I shall offer a bonus interval offering a viewpoint from a different perspective, I think.

Thanks for reading, lol. Thought I'd post just an explanation.