Should users on the wiki be held accountable for things they say indirectly on other sites via private relays?

Is it really the administrators' jobs now to go, find sources of dissent and threaten users for what they say to one another on a totally different site?

Regardless, these people do say some terrible things, but do they not have the freedom to do so on a site where the authority on this wiki has no jurisdiction or place?

Honestly I wish they were like me, voicing my problems directly, screaming them to the world so everyone hears. But still, even when a user copies and pastes logs of what has happened off wiki, on the wiki, are they not 1. Stirring up drama, and 2. Is it the administration's job to deal with it? No.

What people say anywhere else is their own business. Even harassment needs to be brought up to the authority on the site it happens on, not a third party with no jurisdiction.

You are all cowards in that now you are waiting for users to get on so you can verbally assault them in a moment's notice. Now, you're threatening g users because your authority is threatened by your often poor actions. Everyone here thinks that the fact that they've supported or contributed means they can get away with bullshit and they're justified, whereas the users don't get that they need to stop evading rules and write pastas at an seventh grade reading level. 13 is the age when you can start writing,13 is the example you should be writing by. Everyone on here is awful.

You've administrators all dealing with problems the way they want to in an unbalanced manner, and the people who *could* do something about it; won't.

I don't want to be here when the wiki falls apart. Now is the time to compromise, and I mean *compromise*.