Less bothered by people who harass me on this site in the chat. It's not like they're breaking the rules doing it, but I've resolved to be the better person and not be bothered by it. It's not really that that bothers me, it's more of the Responsible moderators not doing anything about it, but still, I've resolved to be less bothered by it.

To be less bothered by differing opinions and moderators who, instead of taking a neutral stance on things, oppose my opinion and belief and side with someone else's. After all, this will be encountered all around my life, in the workplace, in public, and even with friends, will I be repressed. I shall endeavor to fear my own beliefs that I not be persecuted immediately by any user who is ready to unleash moderators among me.

To be less bothered when a Moderator, after kicking and/or banning me, adds insult to injury by openly mocking my opinions and insulting me, saying via the chat that he simply doesn't like me and wants me gone. It's not that it's personal, and while it may violate a policy or two, He's obviously got his reasons for doing so and is completely justified in doing so.

To be less bothered that a user might trash a new user's pastas or opinions, and when I stand up for *said new user* a mod get on my back about it. It seems that the little guys and the noobs should not be stood up for and should be left to feel like shit after being bullied. I'll resolve to never stand up to users again.

To be less bothered by general topics and discussions that come up onto the chat, even if they do violate rules and no moderators do a single thing about them.

I resolve as of *these following words* to be a little *less* sarcastic.

Thank you for reading my resolutions. There is nothing wrong with anything I just said and no "banworthy" BS.