Society prevents the subject matter. They believe it to be morally wrong and choose to force that moral upon us all. The political left claims that the political right is forcing their moral views on everyone, where the hypocrisy lies with the left. The political left is forcing their moral views on everyone, legalizing immoral things such as abortions, drugs, and pornography yet attempting to outlaw firearms, limit free speech, and, in the subject matter where they have succeeded, forcing upon everyone that the subject matter is immoral.

I disagree. The subject matter comes to mind for many reasons. What is at the end of the road? What is waiting for us? Emptiness? Ultimate death? Rest? Heaven or Hell?

No one considers the subject matter just because they are looking for those answers, however. The subject matter has something...different, at its core. Something more profound than any language...something where a person can become so alone despite the cheerful hearts, smiles, and feelings of others living out their lives normally. Where it becomes so hard to smile honestly and it becomes time to make the choice. Endure the pain forever, or end it.

As salvation comes, I begin to conceal it well. No one will suspect it. They say, that where it brings an end, it opens things up for everyone else. Sorrows, and pains, and miseries that they will feel. They will feel the pain that I, that others have felt. The question is, do I truly wish to force this upon others?

The simple answer: I do not wish to inflict such pains on others. Even if some of them deserve it. I realize that those who would deserve the pain would revel in my destruction. When the person has finally made the choice, there is no turning back. The subject matter goes beyond law, emotions, and silence. It goes beyond religions and faiths, it goes beyond beliefs. You cannot stop a person once that barrier has been broken.

Sometimes there are justifications for it. Horrible injuries, disabilities that justify it and yet they still outlaw it because of their ignorance.

I am better off alone. Almost everyone in my life has fucked me over some way. Do I forgive them? Yes. To prevent the problem, I shall eliminate myself from the equation. If anyone doesn't like that, go f*ck off and get your own life going. It is my choice, and you can accept it or deny it, but if I make that choice, you cannot stop me.

Will I break the hearts and souls of the people I truly do care about and love, *that* is the question.