• Schizophrenist


    June 2, 2013 by Schizophrenist

    I simply stand there watching my brother's bodily fluids seep from his lifeless body, a huge grin just covers my face, battered in his blood. Oooh just thinking about it still rather arouses me to this day.-slight chuckle-. All good stories start with a beginning, a middle and a end so lets start from the beginning shall we? Hmmm lets see i suppose it first started in our lovely little town where me and my brother both grew up him being slightly older then me by a few years of course. You may know his name right? its Eric Sanders. From a very young age we were just smothered by the immense wealth of our father. We ALWAYS got what we wanted when we wanted it. Approximately 17 years have passed my brother has since left the household babblin…

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