Hullo!! You guys can call me Zoe! :) Anyway, the noob has some questions. >w< Is it possible to change your talk page to a message wall? I'm not used to the talk page, but if it's possible, drop a comment and let me know. :) Also, is it possible to change the background (only for me) to white and text black? I'm not used to this either. >w< I'm a scaredy cat, so I'm not sure if you can ask more than 1 question on an admin's talk page and not be considered spam or not. I just don't want to get banned! 

If you have any stories you might want to share with me, go to my talk page and leave it there, I'll read it! I'm not sure if you're allowed to post links on the blog posts, but if you can, just do that instead. :) I've read the blog post rules but it hasn't said anything about links, so I'm just being cautious. I'm in the middle of reading all the rules, so I'm kinda clueless now! Haha :3 If you're not allowed to post links at all, then forget what I said :P

OH, and one more question-Are you allowed to put a picture drawn by you on your user page? Thanks in advance!! :D