So. I guess I'll do one of these too.

Well... My name isn't really Stormie, but if you don't want to call me Cas, Nips, San, Primo, what-ever-the-fuck, you can call me that.

I am currently in a relationship with an amazing guy.

I have a very odd sense of humor, and can be snarky and rude at times.

I used to compete in local rodeos until I got bored with them.

I'm pansexual. That means I like transwomen/transmen as well as men and women.

I don't hate you unless I have a reason to, I either like you, or dislike you.

I'm not very talkative one-on-one.

I love Poe.

I can be the nicest person in the world one moment, but one wrong move from one person can piss me off and cause everyone else to have to suffer my sarcasm and anger.

I write poetry. Because my prose is shit. Woo.

Some of my favorite people include: ChaoZStrider, Wolfenmaus, UrotsukI, TheLastPaladin, FriendlyJim, NOWS, ShawnHowellCP, Fatal Disease (and a few others but I can't think of them right off the bat)