Sanguinante Primo

aka Stormie

  • I live in Louisiana
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is Veterinary Tech/Tutor
  • I am a female human worm-baby.
  • Sanguinante Primo

    A Bit About Cas~

    February 13, 2014 by Sanguinante Primo

    So. I guess I'll do one of these too.

    Well... My name isn't really Stormie, but if you don't want to call me Cas, Nips, San, Primo, what-ever-the-fuck, you can call me that.

    I am currently in a relationship with an amazing guy.

    I have a very odd sense of humor, and can be snarky and rude at times.

    I used to compete in local rodeos until I got bored with them.

    I'm pansexual. That means I like transwomen/transmen as well as men and women.

    I don't hate you unless I have a reason to, I either like you, or dislike you.

    I'm not very talkative one-on-one.

    I love Poe.

    I can be the nicest person in the world one moment, but one wrong move from one person can piss me off and cause everyone else to have to suffer my sarcasm and anger.

    I write poetry. Because m…

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  • Sanguinante Primo

    Little Vacation

    January 18, 2014 by Sanguinante Primo

    I've had... A shit ton of stuff going on recently. I really need to get my head back together, get some things sorted out. So I'm taking a break, maybe a month or two, maybe longer. I'll still be on Skype, and still on Facebook, if you really must talk to me.

    So.. I guess this is á bentôt.

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  • Sanguinante Primo

    Honest Question

    December 25, 2013 by Sanguinante Primo

    Ye, so Final made one of these things and it got me to thinking. So, I'm gonna do it too. What do you think of me? Don't sugarcoat it, I want to know the truth. The good and the bad. :33

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  • Sanguinante Primo

    YEY FOR FOLLOWING THE HERD. Ask me shit. I'll answer ya. :33

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  • Sanguinante Primo

    So, what the fuck is your actual name? My name is Lauren. Bleh. So call me Stormie. It was supposed to be my name, anyway! :33

    How old are you? Well... I'm 17. :33

    Where do you live? I live in a boot. The toe, actually.

    What's up with all the :33? It's a thing .-.

    You single? Eh.

    What do you like to do? I ride horses. A lot. I trained my little horse to reign, but meh, I'm not that into it anymore.

    Who is your best friend on here? I have A LOT of friends on here... but my best friend from here is Noah

    Do you write pastas? I write mostly poem pastas. Got a new one stirring around.

    Why did you write this? I was bored, and had nothing better to do.

    Who is that sexy stud muffin on your avatar? Oh. I think you are reffering to my previous and usual avatar. That …

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