• Sandbags17

    Pokemon Diamond: No Escape

    November 25, 2012 by Sandbags17

    The summer started as usual, I wanted a nostalgia trip after watching gameplay footage of old Pokémon games. Unfortunately, the oldest Pokémon games my local GameStop had were diamond pearl and platinum. Before I got rid of it, I had Pokémon pearl, so I decided to pick up a copy of Pokémon diamond. I used to like buying old Pokémon games from GameStop and stores like that because they had old save files on them, and I liked to check out the previous player’s progress. After what I witnessed from this previous save file though….I will never buy a used video game as long as I live.

    I got home and my parents were not home so I thought this was the perfect time to just relax and play my new game and lull myself into the land of nostalgia. I pop…

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