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    Silent Twitch

    May 19, 2013 by Samuel535425

    Chernobyl, and scientists.

    Have you ever heard of a, Chernobyl? They are people ho have survived the horrible tradgedy of chernobyl. Yet, they are not what  they used to be. In 1992, 'Chernobyl Subjects Facility' was founded. It was a facility dedicated to finding and curing the side-affects of the chernobyl radiation. There were a total of twele subjects, but 11 of them did not have major changes. the 12th, however, was a young 7 year old girl named Mira. She was a brunnette, with long hair, an a cute button nose. She, however, was unable to blink, speek, stop smiling, and stop twitching her head. The facility was white, with glass seperating the subjects, and the scientists. What most people thought that the facilty was a testing area, wi…

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