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May 2, 2011
  • Sammyto8

    I was using a staple gun and had it facing the wrong way the staple went into my hand. I bled slighty...and it was was accidental i swear....well that is my post for now sorry its so short.

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  • Sammyto8

    This is my first blog post so...please dont hurt me if I embarrass myself though it would be nice if you brought it up because i wish to improve.

    I Have a stuffed nose Which is more of an annoyance then a real problem.

    I Accidently bit into my knuckle, I either bit to the bone or there was a large amount of puss either way it was entertaining to watch and i got to taste blood again. err...I like the taste of blood but..I only drink my own because of the chance of developing a disease from someone elses. I-its also a moral issue of course well err not really but blood is delicous. it tastes of rust and is very refreshing. I also eat my dead skin. Is that cannabalism but i can say my flesh tastes like beef and I enjoy the taste very much. thou…

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