aka Layla Dixon

  • I live in Tampa, Flordia
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is Sports
  • I am Female
  • Sally1Scarlet2

    "Shut up Masky! Your shut a bitch!" Jeff yelled. Masky ran out of the house and into the town to get some air. "Think I did to much?" asked Jeff "Yeah" Hoodie said

    While Masky was walking around he bumped into a sweet young girl named Emma. She asked why he was wearing a mask but he didn't respond. Masky was love struck and couldn't speak at all, so he ran off. The next day he wanted to see if she was there again and just by his luck she was just across the street. Jeff, Eyeless Jack, Ben, and Sally were out walking around town to and when he saw them he ran like hell. The next week in the middle of the night he went to her house but she wasn't there. He thought he got the address wrong but she was at a sleepover instead.

    After a week passed…

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