My dearest <insert name here>

I am humbly grateful to find a creepypasta fan such as <insert name here> who loves creeypasta so much,

<insert name here> wants to join me as a reviewer too.

I will accept <insert name here> as a reviewer. Notify me on my talk page and I will add <insert name here> onto my Review Partners page so peope will know that <insert name here> is willing to review their creepypasta and it is okay to ask for help.

Only rules are:

1. When reviewing, be straight to the point. <insert name here> may beat about the bush a bit if it is hard to get the point there, but try not to do so too much, unless there is no other way to explain.

2. Don't be biaus. Before <insert name here> reviews a creepypasta, try not to read the title of story or username of author. <insert name here> may get unconciously biaus if there is a word that <insert name here> takes offense against, or the title of the story appeals to <insert name here> but the creepypasta does not, or the title gets <insert name here>'s hopes up so that the creepypasta becomes bland. Read the title after finishing the review to decide if the title suits the story.

3. Rating. Try to find a number that <insert name here> would like as the total points, e.g. mine is 15 and if I like a creepypasta very much, good content, suitable title and good grammer, I'll rate it a 13/15. I am a bit harsh in rating though. <insert name here> should use your own numbers and logic.

4. Be honest. But NO VULGARITIES. No one wants their creepypasta to be stomped all over with vulgarities, no matter how bad the creepypasta is. It takes a lot of effort to write a creepypasta. Be honest, its okay to be a bit harsh but apologise if <insert name here> sound too harsh. Re-read your reviews.
IMG 8673

He will kill <insert name here> if <insert name here> breaks rule 4. :)

And that is the end of the rules <insert name here> must follow if <insert name here> wants to review. But <insert name here> will review mostly by yourself anyway, since I'll just put <insert name here> on my blog post for others to see. However try not to break the rules. If <insert name here> breaks any of rules 1 to 3,

<insert name here> will be banned for 10 years.

If <insert name here> breaks rule 4,

<insert name here> will be banned for 999999999999999999999 years.

Just kidding. I am not an admin so I have no authority. However please try to follow the rules.

I thank <insert name here> for reading this. :)