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  • Sakiyuuki

    Review Group Name

    May 21, 2014 by Sakiyuuki

    To those who are reviewing, there is no need to write anything to say you are review partners with me as all I am doing is adding you to the Review Partners page so that users have an easier time knowing who to ask for help on their creepypasta.

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  • Sakiyuuki

    My dearest

    I am humbly grateful to find a creepypasta fan such as  who loves creeypasta so much,

    wants to join me as a reviewer too.

    I will accept  as a reviewer. Notify me on my talk page and I will add  onto my Review Partners page so peope will know that  is willing to review their creepypasta and it is okay to ask for help.

    Only rules are:

    1. When reviewing, be straight to the point.  may beat about the bush a bit if it is hard to get the point there, but try not to do so too much, unless there is no other way to explain.

    2. Don't be biaus. Before reviews a creepypasta, try not to read the title of story or username of author.  may get unconciously biaus if there is a word that takes offense against, or the title of the story appeals to but th…

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  • Sakiyuuki

    I'm sorry I created this page by accident. Can someone help me delete this? Thanks.

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  • Sakiyuuki

    Partners -->


    Hey all! These kind people will be doing reviewing as well!! :D

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  • Sakiyuuki

    Review Requests Here

    April 30, 2014 by Sakiyuuki

    Hey ,

    My username is Sakiyuuki. 

    I decided that I would like to do reviewing as a contribution to this wikia as I love to read creepypasta and somewhat knows how to point out mistakes.

    You may posts your pasta links here or on my talk page if you give me permission and want me to review your pasta. However please note that I may be harsh on the reviews and I will point out any mistake I can find so I hope you won't take offence.

    The number of pastas I can review a day depends on the amount of time I have each day as I am still a student.

    Good luck with writing creepypastas, I'd love a spine-chilling one! ;)

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