Well it's day four of being on the creepypasta wiki and it is something different. There is all these different type of intresting people and they write such incredible stories. It's like a whole new world which flurishes the minute you step here. Truth be told it feels welcoming, despite all the stories made to creep the reader out. 

I also figured that I should try at writing a story as well. I'm not exactly sure on what to write but I feel more relatable to the monsters rather than the victims. It would be intresting if it was set in the olden times, maybe before the New World was discovered. A sea tale would be a good template but its just a matter of whether or not it becomes too obvious. 

One story that is particularly inspiring was the Devoted to Darkness/ Devoted to Light written by Un-Digit. Which shows the fate of choosing evil or good, and this never ending hunt between the two. It was to the point and didn't go into the common ground of making the character go threw the story by the struggle of finding out who the person was. Because in the end we know which side we are, and we just have to live with it, or change it.

So with one foot into this new site, I find something fascinating at each turn and fantastic people with a great imagination.