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    June 22, 2014 by Sahianhuesca

    It's taking more time than I anticipated to start writing my first story in creepypasta, particularly since my two latest concerns have been to find as many epic stories here and to continue writing in my novel. This is what brings me to the reason of this blog post.

    At this time I have read and listen to narrations (particularly Mr.Creepy Pasta) of stories from here like Jeff the Killer, NoEnd House, Gateway of the Mind, The Puppetmaster's Regime, Origin of Laughing Jack, and others. The thing is that while all these are amazing I still have a hard time looking for more.

    The suggested reading has helped some but don't understand my particular taste, or the fact that randomness doesn't always find suitable reading material.

    Does anyone have any re…

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  • Sahianhuesca

    Day 4 and Counting

    June 20, 2014 by Sahianhuesca

    Well it's day four of being on the creepypasta wiki and it is something different. There is all these different type of intresting people and they write such incredible stories. It's like a whole new world which flurishes the minute you step here. Truth be told it feels welcoming, despite all the stories made to creep the reader out. 

    I also figured that I should try at writing a story as well. I'm not exactly sure on what to write but I feel more relatable to the monsters rather than the victims. It would be intresting if it was set in the olden times, maybe before the New World was discovered. A sea tale would be a good template but its just a matter of whether or not it becomes too obvious. 

    One story that is particularly inspiring was th…

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  • Sahianhuesca

    The New

    June 18, 2014 by Sahianhuesca

    The world is a strange place as of now. People are discretely categorized as wholly logical/ scientific or religious, that is forced to include all supernatural entities. This is what leads us to believe that if we are of the latter that our beliefs are of our imagination, fake. Normally it does not bother anyone, whether or not it is due to ignorance. With the advancement of technology, there are less people who attend religious activities and more people who would rather spend immense time on the internet and telephones.

    What exactly am I getting at? Well it's pretty simple. 

    In theory, we create our own worlds with these stories. But in the sinister stories that are written we reflect a certain reality, possibilities people would actually …

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