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  • I live in Monster Energy Island
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Monster Taste-Tester
  • I am A Vampire
  • Saemokid619

    stress sucks

    October 9, 2014 by Saemokid619

    Making creepypastas is stressful. and it really sucks when ive been working on a story so much just to have it deleted because of it being "boring". im sorry but nobody can read 2000 words in 2 minutes and come to the conclusion that its boring. i think i give up on writing. 

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  • Saemokid619

    i didnt joke about it being a quick question lol.

    what are the rules about fonts on creepypastas? like can i use jokerman or french script? or does it have to be calibri or a set font? thanks. 

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  • Saemokid619

         Ok so I've seriously been bored with most creepypastas I've been reading, so I decided to actually start writing my own lol. But sadly, I'm stuck. I have my story writen, but still am having trouble getting the details to match up and working out the flaws in it. The beginning of it Isn't exactly matching up with the end, but I don't want to change the ending. Anyway, hopefully I'll have it posted soon. This'll be my first story that I've writen for the Wiki. Don't kill me with rude criticism, but do please give me your opinion If you're reading this (Once i get it up of course). 

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