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fixing up shit

So I've been thinking about the way the site works, and we seem to run into issues about various things that are running contrary to providing enjoyable material.

I have some things I'd like to see discussed or changed, but it's necessary to see what other people think as well. 

Some things that I want:

  • Less severe punishments for many minor problems; I feel these are driving away people. Yes, I understand that the vast majority of them don't read the rules, but slamming a hammer down on them right away isn't the route we should keep taking to deal with this issue.
  • Category:Death needs a overhaul to determine as to where it can go. It's easy to say that if a pasta has somebody/something dying in it, that's where it goes; however, there are so many fucking stories with death that it's become sort of a glut.

Give suggestions for things you think need changing.