First, there was light, and then there were fuckups!

Anybody notice something odd about the picture on the right? If you don't have cateracts, chances are you can see something evil is afoot with the chat box in the pic. It's been stretched down like the goatse guy's alternate universe twin's anus.

As for the chat box at the bottom, it looks okay, right? But if you try to click the buttons to see who else is in the room, it does NOTHING. Nada. Zip. Nunca. Those same 6 people remain there. So I'm guessing it's a system error or maybe a result of Wikia doing some more editing.

In case this blog is considered pointless, I will add some pasta-related material:

Are there any genres which HAVEN'T been beaten to death already? Because if there are, I will gladly pay next Tuesday for a mushburger. Also, what do the admin sayeth for how bad a pasta can be before one can reasonably be sure it'll be okay to delete it for housekeeping?