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    Creepypasta Dieded

    September 30, 2016 by SOURCECODE01

    I've used this site for a couple of years now, and I took a break from it over summer vacation. Ever since I came back, it seems the community has mostly gone silent. The Blog posts are the same every time I check them, my stories go completely untouched in WW, and I haven't seen the usual influx of sub-par pastas in a long time. Could it be we are moving into a new era? One where it is less the admin's job to patrol for sub-par writing and more to curate what we already have? Or is it just me being gone for so long I missed where all the action is actually happenin' at?

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    In reference to my last post, on the most hated cliches, I created a pasta that has most of the top hated cliches. I tried to make it seem as much like a legitimate pasta as I could while still including the elements. Links is below and I will add the actual story to the blog if people ask me to. 

    Here it is:



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    March 5, 2015 by SOURCECODE01

    Hey everyone! It is time for a crowdsource!

    What are your top 3 most hated cliches in pastas? 

    My most hated are 

    1. 666

    2. Bleeding from weird places, or different colored blood

    3. It is right behind me! :(

    If you want to provide a link to the offending pasta, that would be even better!

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    Whenever I go into the Writer's workshop, I always feel really sad. I feel like I read the same stuff, over and over again. I read stories of three things: religious themes, serial killers, or "I'm watching you..." stories. Sometimes, I come across all three. Maybe there is some gore, and graphic blood, but it is all the same to me.I feel like there could be a lot more creative freedom if we showed people the value of writing something other than a RSW (Religious, Serial, Watching) So here are my rules that I go by when writing a creepypasta:

    1. NEVER USE GORE. Please, people, it is time to realize that "bluud!!!!" isn't scary. If you want to kill a character, just kill them and leave most of the methods up to imagination

    2. USE GRAMMAR. The…

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    Looking Back

    February 27, 2015 by SOURCECODE01

    I finally updated my profile and everything a few days ago.I am just blown away by how far I have come. I feel like I am looking at a child. It is impressive. I used to be scared of these stories, now I am immune. I used to be a terrible editor, now I feel 10 times more competent and coherent. Yes, I have stacked up some warnings along the way, but if you don't make mistakes, you never learn, you know? I love this site, and I am definitely glad that I joined.

    I think that in the writer's workshop, it is heartwarming to see the new writers post terrible pastas, and then, a month later, bring back this masterpiece they have slaved over instead of spending 5 minutes on. I think it is equally hilarious to watch members defend horrible work beca…

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