• SLaughter

    Make Us Whole

    October 27, 2013 by SLaughter

    Make Us Whole is a story in which like most video game Creepy Pastas, the narrator genuinely believed it to be a good idea to pick up a game against his better judgement. The narrator enjoys playing fan based games as well as the actual horror genre. He purchases a parody of Dead Space, Red Space, it was based on the first game, and since most parodies are poorly designed or are hilariously full of glitches, he took it home.

    I had recently moved to a new house in a generally good neighborhood, nothing really creepy it had a beautiful view of a small lake in the distance. Generally I was not anti-social but it felt like the first day of school, you don't really have the mindset to talk to anybody in your new neighborhood right away, so I went…

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