You think it's enjoyable? To spread your hate and lies? My joy of life was taken long ago and it's all your fault. You humans are despicable. All you do is spread your hatred and lies, and do you learn? As an individual, yes, but as a race, no. You never learn. Some people just never will learn, such as my heartless, worthless mother. I'm not here to help you, nor am I here to make it worse for you. I'm just here to show you how you've wronged. As a human myself, I will always be what I stay as: I am nothing.

-Ian Heart


I was just as normal as all of you. I live in the shadows and stay away from you all. You know that feeling you get called fear? It's not because I'm around. It's because I exhist. Like I stay as, I am nothing. I'm only human, humans make mistakes. But you've all gone too far. I am a follower of the one they call "God" and I know he will forgive me. But why do we all hate each other? Because we can't get along. All of us take our hate out and gives it to each other. We hurt, we kill, we rape, we're fucking terrible. That's why I'm here: to show you how you've wronged. In the worst possible way you can imagine. Prepare yourself. Are you next? You wont ever know. -lii