Couldn't think of a better title, buuut...

I was just wondering, if anyone would mind if I wrote an OC creepypasta story (or two, or moar) based on some of the more disturbing characters/locations/etc I made on Sonic Fanon Wiki.

Some articles I felt would be the subject of a good pasta are "The Dark Ones" and the (not yet created) "Grimmsley Hotel" in which these creatures reside.

They are also the plot point of a horror RP I made on Sonic Fanon titled "Room 735" (yes, it is named after the song 735 by Brian 'Lustmord' Williams).

Concerning the "Dark Ones", I particularly want to focus on the "Watchers" for one of the creepypastas; they are child-like beings wearing tattered white gowns, with pale skin and long black hair. The most startling feature they have is the blood-stained bandages wrapped around their faces, covering the sockets where their eyes would've been.

So what does everyone think? And please, if you're going to hate, don't hate just because it's Sonic Fanon. I don't tolerate that biased shit.