Okay guys, this is one of the only times I'm actually serious. Look, after the situations that have happened in chat recently, I think I might be leaving. Granted I have made some great friends, been supported through bad times, and discovered a few things about this hardworking community and... myself. But, I feel as if all that is slowly fading.

I'm starting to lose my friends, people are starting to snap at me when I try to talk things out, and I feel like the amount of old users in chat is dissapating. Some have informed me that it's as if old users are being chased away by new ones. I can't bare the thought of losing everybody that I've known for so long. I also feel as if things are more depressing in chat; nobody seems to be happy anymore. Older users are talking like we're waiting for the end; the end of our relationships with our friends, the end of the site, the end of them...

In conclusion, I have no idea if this is good-bye or not; it depends how the next few months are. Thanks for reading.

RyleethePegasisRainbowDash_gif.gif 23:09, October 7, 2013 (UTC)