aka Ryan Decker

  • I live in Some place I can Rest My Soul
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am FtM male
  • RyanTheEyeless

    Helly Hello everyone, it's been a pleasure being on here. And I thank you. This community is so accepting of people who don't really fit in the the norm. And I like feeling like I have a place somewhere.  So like I said thanks for just existing. As always enjoy RTE OUT :3

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  • RyanTheEyeless

    Eyeless Days 4

    March 13, 2015 by RyanTheEyeless

    Helly Hello everyone. I know I usually don't take things into real or do big things. but today I think it's time to just sit back and relax. Take day by day slow and just stop and smell the roses as they like to put it. I know it sounds "stereotypical" but today.. Today I tasted the sweetness of a fresh morning. I felt the crisp morning air on my face. Today I found a bunch of little things I take for granted.

    I started listening to Jorel's playlist on spotifiy. It inspired the child like wonder in my soul again. I can't even handle just sitting here typing I wanna go out there and be alive. I'm gonna go I'll talk to you guys tomorrow! As always enjoy life RTE OUT :3 Read more >
  • RyanTheEyeless

    Eyeless Days 3

    March 12, 2015 by RyanTheEyeless

    Helly Hello Everyone. I've come to realize that people only want me around when I'm useful to them. They call me their friend but honestly I'm just an emotional play thing in the arms of people I thought I could trust. I'm kinda sick of always being picked when I'm the only one who knows about something or someone. I spend almost everyday alone in my room. Well I'm not really alone... but that doesn't matter. I just wish people would come to me and just wanna hang out and not "Ryan, bro I didn't do m report on Poe! can you help me I know nothing about the man!"

    It just upsets me a little I guess... but it's no big deal I guess. Yea.. It doesn't matter. well

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  • RyanTheEyeless

    Eyeless Days 2

    March 11, 2015 by RyanTheEyeless

        Helly Hello everyone, 

    So I started stretching my ears. Started on a 14 stretcher and I probably shouldn't have but I pulled it all the way through in one day instead of doing it slow. I have 14 gauges in now and they kinda ache but it's my fault for stretching them so fast.  

    Um as for the wattpad stuff I'm working on. The story One night, two memories, will be updated soon. The one I just wrote a letter that'll never be sent. Will be updated probably Thursday. If not then Friday for sure.  

    As for youtube the next video will be updated on Friday. Got a fun thing planned for Friday. And um I guess that's it really.  

     RTE OUT :3 

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  • RyanTheEyeless

    Eyeless Days

    March 10, 2015 by RyanTheEyeless

    Helly Hello everyone. I know this is probably gonna be a boring blog but if you happen to be reading my fanfic's on Wattpad or if you're gonna be keeping up with my youtube activity then maybe you'll like this or if you just wanna hear me talk about my life you and stuff.. then I hope you enjoy this. haha. as always Enjoy an RTE out :3

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